About Us!

About us

Neptune Apothecary has evolved out of a personal journey to simplify life and change perspectives a little.

The journey started way back in 2017, when owner Jake explored making his own soap after years of battling dry, itchy skin and numerous failed attempts to find a soap solution. Through many trials and experiments (and lots of testing from family), he finally settled on a liquid and bar formula that both he and other owner Jay agreed on. Removing the harsh chemicals had worked-we finally had a body wash that did not make our skin dry and itchy.

After the success of our soap, we begin to look at other chemicals we used and tried to eliminate them one by one: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, cleaning products. Up until 2020, Jake had been testing various combinations of plant based chemicals in his free time without much sense of urgency. You could get cleaning products anywhere, until you couldn't. With the world on pause and free time at home, the kitchen became a science lab. Jake finally found a combination we liked for an all purpose cleaner, then came the laundry detergent, and dish detergent soon followed. We were making most of all our own cleaning products. We then set our sights on trying deodorant.

The pandemic not only led us to find simpler solutions to everyday needs, but it also shifted perspective a bit. During this time, we expanded our exploration of finding simpler remedies for ailments and new ways to support our physical and mental health. Challenging times caused us to seek new ways of finding mindfulness and calm. It was during this time that we both sunk in deeper to a strong connection we both already felt to the earth, astrology, and more. We found ourselves connecting with healing crystals, astrology, divination, chakra work, reiki, plant based food and products. It became an exciting way to explore life from a new vantage point.

Fast forward to August of 2021-while visiting a small gift shop in Akron, Ohio an idea was conceived. We could be selling our handmade soaps and products. On a road trip to Joshua Tree in January of 2022 that idea had grown. We wanted to combine our business idea with our growing interest in the metaphysical world. We wanted this idea to be able to grow and expand as it needed, and loved the idea of combing products for the body, mind, and spirit.. On the drive home, this idea finally had a name. Neptune Apothecary! This is part homage to the Roman god of water, and part nod to astrology and the planet Neptune. Both fitting, we believe, for an apothecary catering to body, mind and spirit. 

We spent the better part of 2022 finalizing logistics and our vision. On September, 5th 2022 our website was launched. In October of 2022, following the success of our online store, we starting selling at various farmer and vendor markets in and around San Diego. We now are known as "the soap guys," or the "booth that everyone can smell walking by." We are encouraged by the interest and support in our small business, and love interacting with the public out at events. Here's to seeing where we go next!

Jake and Jay Keener-Welsch