Tarot Services


Tarot is a tool for divination-for seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown, just like astrology and horoscopes. It can also be used for spiritual and personal development, as it depends heavily on using one's intuition to get to the inner matter of the situation at hand. 

Reasons you may want to experience a tarot reading or read cards yourself:

  • Insight to love life, relationships, and friendships
  • Career and financial insight and guidance
  • Mental focus and clarity
  • Tackling personal problems and challenges
  • Getting to know and understand yourself and others better
  • Gaining clarity to the present and future insight
  • Understanding the effects of the past
  • Developing your intuition
  • Connecting to your higher self
  • Exploring your passions and creativity

Intro to using tarot card sessions are available, and can be tailored to specific needs and desired learning from beginner basics to more in-depth questions, resources, and best practices. 

Both Tarot Readings and Intro to Using Tarot sessions are available at most in-person events (see Shop in Person Tab for more info on upcoming events and locations) as well virtually.

Please contact info@neptuneapothecary.com or text 760-820-5725 for pricing, with any questions, or to schedule a session.